Just bought a new laptop or PC and looking to acquire some accessories? Or perhaps you’ve had the same printer or speakers for years and think you’re due an upgrade? Whatever you’re in the market for, we’ve got a fantastic selection of computer accessories available for sale.


AT IPB Technology we’ve got everything you need for getting the most out of your computer both at home and at work. Want to improve your home office? We’ve got great deals on new and second hand scanners, printers, networking tools and more. Or perhaps you’re attempting to build the ultimate gaming station? From high-tech headsets to the latest wireless controllers, we can help you create the perfect set up.


Our stores are fantastically located in the heart of London, with one in King’s Cross and another in Russell Square. Each shop houses a dedicated computer accessories store, stocked with a broad range of accessories for PCs, Macs, tablets and more. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our team of dedicated and friendly staff are expertly trained to give you plenty of help and advice on all of our stock. From the latest laptop accessories to storage solutions such as USB drives, external hard drives and rewritable CDs, we’ve can cater for all of your computing needs.


We also stock a wide range of PC accessories that are ideal for programmers and technicians wanting to build and modify their own machines. Want a more powerful processor, a new motherboard or an upgraded graphics card? Or perhaps you just want to have a chat with our in-house experts about how you can customise your computer to get the most out of it every day? Whatever you’re looking for, drop by for a chat with our team today.

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